Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Pinchot Alumni Association a federally recognized nonprofit? - Yes. 
  • Are donations tax-deductible? - Yes. 
  • Wait… Is this alumni association tied to Presidio? Are Presidio grads a part of this?
    • Yes and No. No, we are not formally tied to Presidio Graduate School. We are our own nonprofit entity and we exist to serve the alumni of BGI, Pinchot University, as well as the last group of Seattle campus graduates from PGS (June, 2019 grads). We do not formally keep lists of any cohort past (C27 - they are Pinchot cohort 16 and Presidio cohort 27), but we do welcome any PGS alumni at any of our events, and we encourage them to sign up for our newsletter, be part of our amazing community, and get to know all of our amazing alums. 
  • Does the Pinchot Alumni Association hold our records?
    • No. Your official transcripts come from the PGS registrar, Lynn Braun. PAA can maintain contact and professional information if alums keep up updated with changes. 
  • What is the point of the PAA? 
    • Check out our About Us page for a deeper dive on what we’re all about
  • What are our current goals? 
    • Host an annual event in Seattle, support regional events hosted by alumni, publish a monthly newsletter, maintain a searchable database, maintain and improve upon our website! All goals are intended to foster connections within the community. 
  • Who holds the records of my diploma?
  • What school should I put on Linkedin?
    • Technically Presidio Graduate School is the right answer. However, the name that resonates the most with you emotionally may also be correct. LinkedIn seems to support PGS & Pinchot University.

We also recommend giving interested parties the shortest, and most relevant answer to the schools naming evolution. ie: If you attended BGI it might make sense to simply indicate that the school is now known as PGS. Many of us simply say we studied sustainable business or have an MBA with a focus on sustainability.

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