Pinchot Leadership Conference + Gathering

Pinchot Leadership Conference + Gathering
THIS WEEKEND – July 21-22
The Collective, South Lake Union, Seattle

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This is Y/OUR chance to gather with friends in community. A chance to restore hope, resolve and purpose in our lives. We are at a critical crossroads in modern history – a time we desperately need solidarity and courage to make a difference. What better group of people to spend a weekend with recharging your batteries and calibrating your focus? We’ll see you there – with welcoming arms wide open!

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Can’t afford to come, but can’t afford not to? 

Thanks to the support of fellow alumni, so far, two spots have been paid for!Please send a message with a short statement of need. We will begin reviewing as early as this evening and award on rolling basis.
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Special Guests: Simon Goland – Paul Horton – Libba Pinchot
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7/20    Friday night – Gather informally with your friends around town
Your ticket includes Saturday and Sunday programming as well as Saturday lunch, snacks, dinner and Sunday brunch.
7/21    Saturday – Coffee starts brewing at 8 am, with conference kickoff at 9. We’ll wrap up a dynamic day with dinner together where we can recap highlights from the day! (Meals included with pre-paid registration)
7/22    Sunday – Coffee bar opens at 9am with closing circle from 12:30- 1:30

There is ample me & small group time built into the agenda.
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Saturday’s Speaker/Leaders:

Simon Goland
Simon Says Consulting

Simon Goland

Simon will get the party started with A Journey Toward Awakening
Now, more than ever before, we desperately need leaders who are deeply self-aware and conscious. Such leaders need to understand how to meet the enormous challenges they face and to develop greater awareness so we can co-create a life-giving future together. Leaders must be able to develop a kind of moment-to-moment awareness of themselves and maintain the inner space to reflect on, understand, and own their assumptions, reactions, emotions, and behavior.

Paul Horton
Athena Consulting

Paul Horton

Deep Democracy is a meeting facilitation methodology oriented towards an appreciation of difference and diversity. It offers a way for groups of people to come into conversation around complex issues and divisive or stuck dynamics, and to generate personal insights and uncover innovative possibilities for moving forward.

Sunday’s Speaker/Leader:

Libba Pinchot
Pinchot & Co.

Libba Pinchot

Our very own co-founder, Libba Pinchot, is cooking up some interactive fun, games and building muscle memory during the Sunday workshop. More news to come on this front – but you know Libba … anything can happen, and usually does!

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